Awareness Technology LuMate 4400 Microplate Luminometer

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Awareness Technology LuMate 4400 Microplate Luminometer

Manufacturer: Awareness Technology, Inc
Model: LuMate 4400 Microplate Luminometer
Product Code: LUMATE-4400

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Block Scientific, a leading lab equipment supplier based in New York, offers the LuMate® 4400 Microplate Luminometer by Awareness Technology. The economical, self-referencing LuMate® features user-programmable chemiluminescence capability and comes with improved reading precision and upgraded software features.

Main Features of

Microplate Luminometer

This glow luminometer offers a streamlined design with minimal footprint to fit any size lab bench.

  • Compact and economical microplate luminometer
  • Increased range and sensitivity of CLIA (Chemi Luminescent Immuno Assaays) for labs of all sizes
  • Reads a 96-well microplate and calculates results instantly and automatically
  • Runs hormones and many other applications, with on-board calculations for point-to point, linear and log regressions, and log logit modes
  • Allows the user to select plate layout options, and customize layouts for individual tests or panels/screens
  • Teams up with your PC to provide full access to high level software, reporting, curve fitting, and data storage to meet lab productivity requirements
  • QC tracking and built-in reference that assures continuous calibration
  • NRTL and CE mark

Software Features

The LuMate® software includes critical QC tracking, with individual selections for both calibrators and controls, absorbance or concentration, for mean, SD, CV, plus Levey-Jennings plots, and more. It provides a patient database with multiple reporting options. This luminometer’s software includes the following calculation modes:

  • Cutoff, Cutoff Control, Cutoff Calibrator
  • Point-to-point curve fit, multipoint % absorbance, linear regressions, (linear, log, logit-log)
  • Polynomial and sigmoidal regressions (2nd, 3rd, 4th order, dose response, cubic spline)

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For more information on the LuMate® 4400 Microplate Luminometer and other new luminometers, call 1-866-203-5777 (Toll Free) or 631-589-1118. You can also contact our support team by e-mail: Visit our online store to browse our collection of laboratory equipment.