Benchmark Scientific Loop Holder Attachment

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Benchmark Scientific Loop Holder Attachment

Manufacturer: Benchmark Scientific
Model: Loop Holder Attachment
Product Code: B1000-01

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An established name in the laboratory equipment industry, Block Scientific is well psoitioned to provide a wide range of lab equipment. We offer Loop Holder Attachment from Benchmark Scientific.

Loop Holder Attachment For

BactiZapper Infrared Micro Sterilizer

Loop Holder Attachment is an accessory for use with the BactiZapper infrared sterilizer. It is a perfect option for inserting small items into an infrared micro sterilizer. It allows for instant sterilization of platinum inoculating loops. Made of aluminum, it reduces heat transfer. The loop holder features aluminum wire to hold tools. The stainless steel clip is used for attaching the wire to the body of the sterilizer.

  • For use with the BactiZapper™ Infrared Microsterilizer
  • Made of aluminum
  • Sold individually


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