J & J Vitros ECI

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J & J Vitros ECI

Manufacturer: J & J
Model: Vitros ECI
Product Code: VITROS-ECI

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Block Scientific  is committed to provide exceptional service by supplying top brand laboratory equipment for chemical and medical applications. J&J Vitros ECI offered for sale at Block Scientific is an immunology analyzer from Ortho-Clinical Diagnostics, a Johnson & Johnson company.

J & J Vitros ECI – Ensure Consistent and Accurate Results

For performing different immuno diagnostic testing, J&J Vitros ECI chemistry analyzer provides the advantage of true automation and continuous random access capabilities. Rapid and sensitive assays for thyroid, oncology, cardiac, reproductive, endocrinology, anemia, bone metabolism, and infectious disease can all be performed using this instrument. This instrument can simultaneously process 60 accessible samples and produce 90 patient reportable results per hour. Vitros ECI utilizes the intellicheck technology, which ensures consistent and accurate results. This analyzer offers features such as on-board dilution and reflex testing.

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