J & J Vitros 250

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J & J Vitros 250

Manufacturer: J & J
Model: Vitros 250
Product Code: VITROS-250

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Block Scientific is pleased to offer J&J Vitros 250 chemical system for all those who require maximum productivity in the shortest possible time. J&J Vitros 250 is a fully automated easy-to-use chemistry analyzer from Ortho-Clinical Diagnostics, a Johnson & Johnson company. These are best suited for carrying out manual, stat or routine sample testing requirements and onboard sample dilutions in multiple environments, including satellite laboratory locations.

Vitros 250 Analyzer

: Features and Capabilities

J&J Vitros 250 designed with positive sample identification, bi-directional interface and primary container sampling capabilities, comes complete with enhanced throughput of 250 tests per hour. Ortho Vitros 250 analyzer delivers superior testing productivity and provides an extensive feature set designed to streamline your workflow. The features that are specific to J&J Vitros 250 include user-friendly menus, calibration intervals for up to 6 months, daily QC, ready-to-use dry-slide reagents and on-line QC/diagnostics. It has the capability to store, manage, and manipulate reports of up to 5000 patients.

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