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Block Scientific, a reputable laboratory equipment dealer based in New York has a wide range of durable and competitively priced incubators. In our comprehensive inventory, you can find products that meet the lab requirements of schools and universities, provide a backup solution for hospitals or serve any similar purpose. We have solutions for different heating, incubation and culturing requirements.


Laboratory Incubators

of Different Kinds

Being a leading laboratory equipment supplier in the U.S., Block Scientific offers incubators of different kinds and capacities, from leading manufacturers such as Boekel Scientific and Benchmark Scientific. Thus you can choose between digital or analog models, solid or see-thru door; three, two or one shelf models and so on. We have models with capacities starting from 0.5 cf.
Given below are some of the models of analog incubator available with us:

  • Analog, 0.8 cf capacity, 115V
  • Analog, 0.5cu ft, one shelf, solid door, 115V
  • Analog, 2.5cu ft, Three Shelf, Solid Door, 230V
  • Analog, 2.5cu ft, two shelf, See-thru door, 115V

The following are some of the models of digital incubator we offer:

  • MyTemp Mini Digital Incubator 115V
  • Shake ‘N’ Bake – Shaking Incubator, 230V
  • Digital, 2.5cu ft, Two Shelf, See-Thru Door, 230 V
  • Digital, 1.4cu ft, See-Thru Door, 115 V

At Block Scientific, we have new medical and lab equipment arriving every day. Stocks are replenished frequently so when you order a particular model, you can rest assured there won’t be much delay in getting it.

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