Incubator, Analog, 0.8cf Capacity, 115V

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Incubator, Analog, 0.8cf Capacity, 115V

Manufacturer: Boekel Scientific
Model: Incubator, Analog, 0.8cf Capacity, 115V
Product Code: 132000

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Block Scientific, the leading distributor of laboratory equipment in the United States, offers the economy model of Analog incubator, 0.8cf capacity, 115V from Boekel Scientific. Analog 0.8cf capacity, 115V incubators that we supply, are a superior choice for schools and universities having biology and microbiology laboratories. They can also be used in hospitals as backup incubators.

Analog Incubator

, 115V for a Series of Lab Applications

Analog 0.8cf capacity, 115V model of incubators offer better value for a series of routine lab applications including warming of samples, bacteriology, E.coli tests, culturing, clinical, cosmetics, pharmaceutical testing, diagnostic protocols for water, food and beverage testing, wastewater, and biotech testing.

Boekel incubator, analog 0.8cf capacity, 115V is designed with an easy to clean aluminum coated interior. Their powder-coated exterior provides resistance against scratches and stains. These analog incubators are available in four chamber sizes ranging from 0.5 to 5.0cu.ft, and can be obtained with a clear see-thru door, featuring new supportive handles. They satisfy all CSA and UL requirements.

Analog 0.8cf capacity, 115V incubators are provided with a thermometer as a standard accessory, one alterable shelf, and a built-in five hour timer. Based on the chamber size, numerous removable shelves are obtainable. To increase the heating and constancy of the required temperature, these models of incubators are also provided with a blower fan. The level of temperature in this incubator has now been increased to move from ambient +10 to 90°C.

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