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Immunoassay Reagents, Controls, Consumables

Laboratories that strive to constantly improve their diagnostic tools with quality reagent kits can rely on Block Scientific. A leading lab equipment supplier in New York, Block Scientific carries a wide range of quality immunoassay reagents for use in immunoassay analyzers. Our products enable accurate diagnosing and monitoring of diseases. Utilize our strong and stable reagents to optimize your immunoassays!

Immunoassay Reagents at the Best Pricing

At Block Scientific, customer interest is our prime concern and so we focus on providing quality products at the most affordable prices. We supply high quality specialized immunoassay reagents from Beckman Coulter, DPC/Siemens, and Tosoh at incredible prices. The reagents we supply are distinguished by qualities such as high efficiency, longer shelf life, and faster turnaround time.

Laboratories and research settings worldwide rely on Block Scientific for totally reliable products, speedy service, and knowledgeable support. We have a well-stocked inventory that allows us to deliver the products you need without any time delay.

Attractive Rental Plan for Our

Immunoassay Analyzers


Customers can make use of our rental plans mainly for our immunoassay and chemistry analyzers that are specially designed to meet customer requirements. We also offer flexible leasing facilities on our wide range of laboratory equipment that will help you avoid cash purchase and bank loans on purchasing new lab equipment.

We Look forward to Serving You

A reliable worldwide medical equipment supplier in the U.S with a wide range of products ranging from analyzers to reagents and consumables, Block Scientific also offers refurbished laboratory equipment without any compromise in quality. For more information about our immunoassay reagents or our leasing options, just dial 631-589-1118 or visit our online store at Let us help you efficiently meet your most challenging project requirements.