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Immunoassay Analyzers

Block Scientific is your leading source for different kinds of reliable, user-friendly and durable chemiluminescence and automatic immunoassay analyzers. We have a number of well-known brands in our inventory, which include Abbott Diagnostics, Siemens, Beckman, and J & J. Block Scientific is based in Bellport, New York and has been a trusted supplier of medical and laboratory equipment for more than three decades.

Immunoassay System

to Meet Your Specific Requirements

You just have to explain your requirement to us and we’ll match product to requirement. We have devices to test for infectious diseases, cardiac biomarkers, cancer markers, allergies, infectious diseases, congenital disease, thyroid, diabetes, anemia and more, and for therapeutic drug monitoring.

Alternately, if you have any specific model in mind, do let us know and we’ll see to it that it is shipped to you at the earliest and in a safe manner. Our refurbished models carry a 90 day parts warranty.

Models Offered

Given below are just some of the many models of immunoassay analyzers we provide:

Contact Us

A complete list of the immunoassay analyzers we provide is available on our website. To know more about any of these devices, dial 631-589-1118 or send an email to You can also contact us for any maintenance requirements for the purchased analyzer(s).