Siemens DPC Immulite 1000

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Siemens DPC Immulite 1000

Manufacturer: Siemens
Model: Immulite 1000
Product Code: DPC-IMMULITE-1000

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Are you on the look out for a supplier that can provide you DPC Immulite 1000? Then Block Scientific, Inc is a great place to find this piece of equipment. Block Scientific, Inc, is a leading provider of laboratory equipment supplier, is the best in the industry to offer you a broad range of DPC Immulite product lines in several kit models. The Immulite 1000 Automated Immunoassay System is manufactured by California based company -Diagnostic Products Corporation (DPC). DPC is now a division of Siemens Medical Solutions Diagnostics.

DPC Immulite 1000 – An immunodiagnostic system

DPC Immulite 1000, from Siemens, is an immunodiagnostic system, designed specifically to meet the various types of immunoassay testing of the clinical laboratory. The product includes an extensive menu with excellent assay performance. It comes with key features such as windows based software, consolidated footprint, positive sample ID, on-board dilutions, and remote diagnostics.

The ability to deliver exceptional performance, reliability, random access capability, real time monitoring of tests, faster start up times, true STAT capability, and user-friendliness makes this chemiluminescent immunoassay system an excellent choice among health care test centers. This lab equipment serves as an ideal solution for all of your immunoassay testing such as anemia, diabetes, esoterics, serology, tumor markers, thyroid function, infectious disease, allergy, TDM, cardiac biomarkers, reproductive endocrinology, drugs of abuse, and so on.

Immunoassay Test Results within a Short Span of Time

DPC Immulite 1000 equipment holds up to 80 tests per hour and can provide the results within 15 minutes, even for critical testing including the CK-MB, cardiac biomarkers Troponin I, Intact PTH, HCG, and Myoglobin.

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