IL ACL 6000

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IL ACL 6000

Manufacturer: IL
Model: ACL 6000
Product Code: IL-ACL-6000

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ACL 6000 is a fully automatic coagulation analyzer manufactured by Instrumentation Laboratory (IL). It is used for the analysis of fibrinogen, PT, TT, dRVVT, APTT, Protein S, Protein C, plasminogen, Factors, heparin, ATIII, D-Dimer, APCR-V and alpha-2-antiplasmin. The equipment’s high-throughput design offers timely reports of all test results.

IL ACL 6000: Capabilities and Features

ACL 6000 – distributed by Block Scientific – has the ability to perform both clot-based and chromogenic assays. It incorporates dual optical channels for light scattering and absorbance readings. This coagulation analyzer includes a patient Data Management System (DMS) that allows the access of stored results and patient information. The Quality Control database in the system can hold data up to ten distinct quality control materials with cumulative statistics and Levey-Jennings charts.

The machine can work in both profile and batch modes. Profile mode permits random test programming on samples utilizing tests inside the profile. In addition, it offers improved efficiency in cuvette usage through sample run optimization. The instrument’s bi-directional host communications, supported by software, bar code scanning and DMS, lets quick and accurate sample programming

Other notable features of ACL 6000 include:

  • Additional stored calibrations
  • Sample and calibrator autodilution
  • Alphanumeric identification for samples and controls
  • optional external printer for printing results

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