IL ACL 3000

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IL ACL 3000

Manufacturer: IL
Model: ACL 3000
Product Code: IL-ACL-3000

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IL ACL 3000 is a completely automatic coagulation analyzer supplied by Block Scientific. It is designed for specific clinical laboratories and hospitals for coagulation and fibrinolysis testing. The coagulation analyzer is capable of providing an analytical throughput of 175 tests per hour for PT, 115 tests per hour for APTT and 175 tests per hour for FIB.

IL ACL 3000 Centrifugal Analysis System

ACL 3000 from IL (Instrumentation Laboratory) is a microcomputer-controlled centrifugal analysis system. It has the capacity for providing clotting assays including PT-fibrinogen, APTT, TT, Factors, Protein C and Protein S. Together with chromogenic substrate tests, the machine offers routine clot-endpoint and factor assays.

By using a halogen lamp, this high functioning quality analyzer performs chromogenic assays that include tests for plasminogen, antithrombin III, alpha-2-antiplasmin and heparin. It can store up to ten rotors in a preheated compartment. The system can report duplicate averaged results for PT, fibrinogen and APTT in less than eight minutes simultaneously on four patient samples.

Additional Features

  • Direct tube sampling capability
  • Patient identification (up to 12 numeric characters) by keyboard and bar code
  • Dual optical channels for light scattering and absorbance readings
  • Produces results in both calculated parameters and direct hemostatic measurements

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