IL ACL 200

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IL ACL 200

Manufacturer: IL
Model: ACL 200
Product Code: IL-ACL-200

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IL ACL 200 is one of the coagulation analyzing systems of IL (Instrumentation Laboratory) that we carry at Block Scientific – an industry leader in providing the finest refurbished and new laboratory equipment. It is designed specifically to run the coagulation and/or fibrinalysis tests.

ACL 200 Automated Coagulation Analyzer

IL’s ACL 200 is a fully automated system that is effective for performing routine and specialty assays including PT-fibrinogen, APTT, TT, Antithrombin III, Protein C, Protein S, Antiplasmin, Heparin, and Plasminogen. Samples can be analyzed in the form of single, batch, duplicate and single menus. It conducts 110 tests per hour, providing reliable test results for PT, APTT and fibrinogen on four samples within 10 minutes. IL ACL 200 coagulation analyzer also works well for the performance of hemostasis assays. The results can be attained by nephelometric (at 660 nm) and absorbance (405 nm) readings.

Features and Capabilities

Along with easy and convenient operation, the device features an extensive menu with clotting and chromogenic capabilities. The coagulation system has other features including automatic calibration, 18-position sample tray, three main reagent positions, rotor storage compartment, and video display unit.

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