IL ACL 1000

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IL ACL 1000

Manufacturer: IL
Model: ACL 1000
Product Code: IL-ACL-1000

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ACL 1000 from IL (Instrumentation Laboratory) is a coagulation analyzer intended for clinical use in coagulation and fibrinolysis testing. A wide range of medical equipment of IL is offered here at Block Scientific – a leading provider of the finest refurbished and new laboratory equipment.

ACL 1000 – Fully Automated Clot End Point Analyzer

Combining the most advanced coagulation technology, IL’s ACL 1000 is superbly efficient for performing PT-fibrinogen, TT, factor assays, APTT, Protein C and Protein S assays. As a fully automated clot end point analyzer, the instrument is suitable for the determination of various clotting assays including factors, APCR-V, and LAC.

IL ACL 1000 coagulation equipment conducts tests for PT and Fibrinogen, allowing 110 throughputs per hour. Samples can be analyzed in single, batch, duplicate and single menus and provide consistent and accurate test results on four samples within 10 minutes, allowing up to 24 test results as well as 32 additional optional calculations.

Additional Features

In addition to its basic advantages such as convenience, flexibility, and low maintenance, it has several other features including direct tube sampling, bar code capability, parallel processing, nephelometric clot detection, and advanced robotics. To perform all the routine testing, you can take the samples directly from the draw tube.

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