Thermo Scientific IEC Model K Centrifuge

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Thermo Scientific IEC Model K Centrifuge

Manufacturer: Thermo Scientific IEC
Model: Model K
Product Code: IEC-MODEL-K

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IEC Model K is a durable and high capacity centrifuge offered at Block Scientific. This compact unit of Thermo IEC is a popular G testing machine intended for use in the electrical industry. Block Scientific is your best choice as a dealer to provide you with the new and refurbished centrifuges and other laboratory equipment at competitive prices. From here, you can purchase different types of Thermo IEC model centrifuges.

IEC Model K

: Specifications and Features

The Thermo IEC Model K offers superior specifications such as automatic timer, swivel casters, dynamic electric braking, and 2 to 120 minute timer with a manual mode for unlimited runs. Sealed six bucket 1000ml capacity rotor, tube adapters, tubes and bottles are also included in the device. The model also features cabinet having removable access plates and four locking swivel casters. On the basis of the heads and shields used, it shows a performance speed ranging from 1,200 to 5,500rpm (380xG to 4,420xG).

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