IEC Minotome Histology Equipment/Cryostat

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IEC Minotome Histology Equipment/Cryostat

Manufacturer: IEC
Model: Minotome
Product Code: IEC-MINOTOME

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IEC Minotome: Compact Low-profile Cryostat

IEC Minotome is a compact low-profile device that is truly functional and comfortable to use even when you’re seated. For analysis, the IEC Minotome makes use of anti-roll plate technology.

It comes with features such as window anti-fog system, fluorescent light, 4 casters with front locks, chamber drain, 2 – 42 um section thickness in 2um increments, and so on. An automatic defrost cycle is included, which allows the user to program via AM/PM clock. LED display is also provided to display the temperature at knife edge continuously. At knife edge, the temperature remains constant even if the door is left open.

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