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thermo scientific iec clinical centrifuge with 6 x 15ml rotor

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iec clinical centrifuge
  1. thermo scientific iec
  2. 6 x 15ml rotor
  3. iec-clinical

iec clinical centrifuge developed by thermo iec is a sturdy and compact unit, which can efficiently perform separations by centrifugal force. if you are in search for a perfect place to purchase the iec clinical centrifuge with 6 x 15ml rotor, contact block scientific – an industry leader engaged in the supply of new and refurbished models of centrifuges and other laboratory equipment. here, you can purchase the most popular models of iec centrifugal systems at affordable rates.

iec clinical benchtop centrifuge

iec clinical centrifuge with 6 x 15ml rotor is a bench-top model that offers quality performance and versatility, with superior reliability. it has variable speed control and accepts a wide variety of horizontal and angle rotors.

the device comes equipped with features

  • 215 rotor with 303 buckets (6 x 15ml)
  • maximum speed of 7100 rpm, 5125 x g
  • easy to operate
  • remarkably silent while functioning

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