Thermo Scientific IEC Centra W Cell Washer

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Thermo Scientific IEC Centra W Cell Washer

Manufacturer: Thermo Scientific IEC
Model: Centra W
Product Code: IEC-CENTRA-W

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Block Scientific is the best resource you can rely on, if you prefer to buy new or refurbished laboratory equipment. IEC Centra W, developed by Thermo IEC, is an automatic cell washer that is excellent for performing Coombs test and other cell washing procedures with a high level of precision.

IEC Centra W

– Features and Capabilities

IEC Centra W features a built-in peristaltic pump, programmable up to 4 wash cycles, 12 position rotor, accepts 10 x 75 or 12 x 75 tubes, agitate and spin functions (up to 999 sec) for AHG step, cover interlock safety lids, LED display showing cycle in progress and remaining time, audible signal and panel light, easy to use flow valve, and more.

It also features a brushless induction motor and permanently lubricated sealed bearing, which assures high durability and minimal routine maintenance.

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If you need more information on the refurbished IEC Centra W cell washer and other refurbished centrifuges we have, please check our online store. For assistance and support, we are available at 631-589-1118, and at