Thermo Scientific IEC Centra 8R Centrifuge

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Thermo Scientific IEC Centra 8R Centrifuge

Manufacturer: Thermo Scientific IEC
Model: Centra 8R
Product Code: IEC-CENTRA-8R

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IEC Centra 8R developed by Thermo IEC is a tabletop refrigerated centrifuge that is ideal to address various centrifugal needs. Block Scientific – a well established firm engaged in providing new and refurbished lab testing equipment – offers a complete product line of IEC centrifuge models.

IEC Centra 8R

Ideal for Any Clinic or Laboratory Setting

Thermo IEC Centra 8R has many functions that make it ideal for any clinic or laboratory setting. This centrifuge system with 216 4-place swinging rotors and 378-S 750ml capacity cups, features digital temperature and speed control and readouts. The instrument also includes adjustable timer (1 to 59 minute) and variable temperature (0 to 39c). The overall size of this device is 17.5”x23”x30” (HxWxD) and it has a maximum performance speed of 5,900 rpm.

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