Thermo Scientific IEC Centra 7R Centrifuge

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Thermo Scientific IEC Centra 7R Centrifuge

Manufacturer: Thermo Scientific IEC
Model: Centra 7R
Product Code: IEC-CENTRA-7R

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Centra 7R is an analog refrigerated centrifuge system from Thermo IEC that we sell at Block Scientific. Block Scientific, as a well established firm specializing in the sale of refurbished and new laboratory equipment, offers different types of IEC centrifuge models.

IEC Centra 7R: General Purpose Centrifuge

IEC Centra 7R is a general purpose centrifuge that offers maximum performance for the laboratory, scientific, industrial, and clinical applications. IEC Centra 7R is an instrument for separation of substances of varying densities. This bench top model incorporates all the features needed for performing safe and convenient operation. Some of the standard features included are 0 to 50 min timer, continuous Hold, controlled brake.

This centrifuge with horizontal rotor system and adapters has a performance speed of 6000 rpm. The overall size with closed cover is 23″W x 30″D x 13″H, accommodating standard tubes of size 5-50ml.

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