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thermo scientific iec centra 7 centrifuge

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thermo scientific iec centra 7r centrifuge
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block scientific – your one-stop source specializing in laboratory equipment sales – offers a range of centrifuge models of thermo iec. iec centra 7 is a general purpose benchtop centrifuge that provides maximum quality and efficiency in medical, industrial, and scientific laboratory applications.

iec centra 7

: quality performance

the iec centra 7 is perfect for quick and easy preparation of proteins. these have also proven to be useful in centrifugal as well as magnetic-particle-based affinity separation, a procedure for isolating different cell types from each other. this laboratory centrifuge offers quality performance with its diversified range of powerful features. iec centra 7 can spin at about 4×750 ml to over 1700xg. this device, which can be programmed for 2 to 52 minute runs, can hold 4 blood bags or bottles (up to 750 ml) 10 to 100 ml and 148 tia tubes.

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