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Histology and Cytology Disposables

Looking to purchase histology and cytology disposables? You have come to the right place. Block Scientific, a leading laboratory equipment supplier in the U.S, offers a range of cytology disposables. We are devoted to ensuring customer satisfaction and offer products at competitive prices.

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Histology and Cytology


Our products include cytology funnels, biopsy containers, biopsy processing / embedding cassettes, and tissue processing / embedding cassettes. Here are some of the products available.

  • Single CytoSep Cytology Funnels (Case of 500)
  • Single CytoSep Cytology Funnels, with Brown Filter Paper & Cap (Case of 500)
  • CytoSep Cytology Funnel for Sakura Cyto-Tek Cytocentrifuge – Base Holder Only (Case of 200)
  • Double CytoSep Cytology Funnels – Double Funnel Only (Case of 500)
  • Double CytoSep Cytology Funnel White Filter Paper (Case of 200)

We ship the products to you safely and promptly.

  • Cytology Funnels
  • Biopsy Processing / Embedding Cassettes
  • Biopsy Containers
  • Tissue Processing / Embedding Cassettes