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hexagonal base measuring cylinders, 250 ml, pack of 6

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hexagonal base measuring cylinders, 250 ml, pack of 6
  1. united scientific supplies, inc.
  2. 80035

block scientific offers hexagonal base measuring cylinders from united scientific supplies, inc. in our store, we have hexagonal base measuring cylinders of different sizes ranging from 10ml,25 ml, 50ml, to 1000 ml.

the hexagonal base provides excellent stability to the cylinder, and the tapered spout works really well while pouring any reagents.

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with hexagonal base:features

  • manufactured using quality material
  • durability
  • excellent performance
  • capacity: 250 ml
  • pack of 6

for more information about the hexagonal base measuring cylinders, 250 ml and other hexagonal base cylinders we offer, please visit our online store. for your queries, call 631-589-1118 or send an e-mail to