Alere HemoPoint® H2 Meter

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Alere HemoPoint® H2 Meter

Manufacturer: Alere
Model: HemoPoint H2
Product Code: G3000-001

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Laboratory professionals who are in need of point of care analyzers can buy from Block Scientific. Hemoglobin testing plays an important role in managing anemia and other red blood cell disorders. Block Scientific offers Alere HemoPoint H2 meter provides a fast, reliable measurement of an individual’s hemoglobin level.


Hemoglobin and Hematocrit

Results – In Less Than a Minute

Alere HemoPoint H2 provides accurate results for hemoglobin and an estimated hematocrit level — in less than a minute. By using a single drop of blood, this analyzer can provide accurate results for hemoglobin and hematocrit within 10 seconds. It uses microcuvette technology to minimize the contamination of blood in the meter.

The touch screen displays the current time, battery status and has a new battery backlight feature improving readability throughout the self prompting test procedure. The HemoPoint® H2’s user-friendly sampling technique minimizes training time and its rechargeable battery makes it completely mobile.

You can recall the last 4,000 test results with the touch of a button and attach an optional printer to record patient’s test results – immediately, or from stored memory!

Features of HemoPoint H2 Meter

  • 4000 test result memory
  • Faster time to result
  • Easy to use
  • Battery backlight

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