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Hematology Reagents, Controls, Consumables

Block Scientific provides the most comprehensive and valuable solutions for your hematology testing needs. Our aim is to deliver quality lab equipment and supplies to healthcare professionals, thus helping them deliver the best possible patient care. Apart from hematology analyzers, we carry a range of reagents, controls, and consumables for use with hematology equipment.

  • Diff AcT Pak™ 15L Dilutent Reagent & 500mL Lytic Reagent
  • AcT 5diff Diluent, 20L Reagent

Place your order through our convenient online store. For more details regarding our hematology gas reagents, controls, and consumables, contact us at 631-589-1118 or write to us at info@blockscientific.com.

  • AcT
  • AcT 5 Diff
  • HMX
  • Controls and Calibrators
  • CDS/Abbott Cell-Dyn 1800
  • CDS/Abbott Cell-Dyn 3200
  • CDS/ABX Micros 45/60
  • CDS/Beckman Coulter MAXM, STKS, GenS, Hmx
  • CDS/Beckman Coulter Onyx
  • CDS/Beckman Coulter T Series
  • CDS/Sysmex KX-21
  • Consumables
  • CDS/Abbott Cell-Dyn 1400, 1600, 1700
  • CDS/Abbott Cell-Dyn 3000
  • CDS/Abbott Cell-Dyn 3500, 3700
  • CDS/Beckman Coulter Ac.T Diff
  • CDS/Beckman Coulter MD Series
  • CDS/Beckman Coulter S Series, S Plus Series, STKR
  • CDS/Mindray BC-2800, BC-3000, BC-3200
  • Mindray BC-3200