Hemacytometer Neubauer Bright Line, Double-Counting Chamber

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Hemacytometer Neubauer Bright Line, Double-Counting Chamber

Manufacturer: LW Scientific
Model: Hemacytometer Neubauer Bright Line, Double-Counting Chamber
Product Code: CTL-HEMM-GLDR

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Based in New York, Block Scientific offers an extensive collection of high quality lab equipment at competitive prices. Our inventory features the Hemacytometer from industry leader LW Scientific. This instrument is designed to provide accurate leukocyte and erythrocyte count.

A wide range of illumination makes double rulings are visible. Neubauer rulings are just 0.1mm below cover glass. The H-shaped moat features two counting areas. Distinct lines are provided by the fused rhodium on glass.



with Advanced Features

The LW Scientific Hemacytometer with Neubauer bright line and double counting chamber comes with the following features:

  • High light transmission
  • Brightly illuminated line
  • Two special counting chamber cover glasses
  • Light transmission between 29% and 32%

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