HAV Ab CE ELISA, 96 Wells, Min 10 Kits Per Order

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HAV Ab CE ELISA, 96 Wells, Min 10 Kits Per Order

Manufacturer: DRG International Inc.
Model: HAV Ab CE ELISA, 96 Wells, Min 10 kits per order
Product Code: EIA4233

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If you are in search of infectious disease kits to meet your routine assay requirements, then Block Scientific can make it available for you. As a well known lab equipment dealer with many years experience in the industry, Block Scientific has always focused on meeting even the most challenging client requirements. We offer the HAV Ab CE ELISA, 96 Wells, Min 10 kits per order at an affordable price.

DRG Hepatitis A Virus ELISA

– Based on Theory of Competition

This product is a competitive Enzyme ImmunoAssay (ELISA) for the determination of antibodies to Hepatitis A Virus in human plasma and sera. It is based on the principle of competition where the antibodies in the sample compete with an anti-HAV specific antibody, labeled with HRP, for a fixed amount of antigen on the solid phase. A purified and inactivated HAV is coated to the microwells. The donor’s serum/plasma is added to the microwell and antibodies to HAV are captured by the solid phase.

After washing, the enzyme conjugate is added and binds to the free HAV antigen, if still present. The plate is washed to remove unbound conjugate and then the chromogen/substrate is added.

In the presence of peroxidase the colorless substrate is hydrolysed to a coloured end-product, whose optical density may be detected and is inversely proportional to the amount of antibodies to HAV present in the sample.

An additive is added to the sample directly into the well to block interferences able to mask the presence of antibodies, mostly appearing in the follow up of vaccination.



  • Components – microplate, positive control, negative control, calibrator, enzyme conjugate, wash buffer concentrate, specimen diluent, chromogen/substrate, plate sealing foils, sulphuric acid, package insert
  • A study conducted on opened kit has pointed out no relevant loss of performances up to 3 months from first opening.

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