Hamilton Bell Vanguard V6500 Centrifuge

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Hamilton Bell Vanguard V6500 Centrifuge

Manufacturer: Hamilton Bell
Model: Vanguard V6500
Product Code: VANGUARD-V6500

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Vanguard V6500 is a centrifuge from Hamilton Bell Co., Inc that we make available at Block Scientific – a leading distributor of the finest refurbished as well as new laboratory equipment. This six place constant speed centrifuge is specifically constructed for use in clinical, diagnostic, and chemistry labs and physician’s office settings.

Features of

Vanguard V6500 Centrifuge

Hamilton Bell Vanguard V6500 has the most advanced design, featuring 60 minute timer, 6 aluminum shields, and 6 piece fixed angle rotor. It comes complete with removable line cord, maintenance-free brushless induction motor, integral aerosol and splash protection, specimen friendly low ambient temperature, automatic shutdown option, and so on. The constant speed motor and electronics provide smooth performance, efficient operation, greater reliability, and long life. The transparent polycarbonate protective cover allows for visual inspection of the tubes.

This high-performance system operates at relatively high speeds (up to 3500 RPM) combined with a fixed angle design for performing highly efficient separation of blood and materials of different densities and high deposition rates. Hamilton Bell Vanguard V6500 model has a maximum centrifugal force (rcf) 1318.

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