Greiner Bio One MiniCollect® Capillary for EDTA. Case of 1000

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Greiner Bio One MiniCollect® Capillary for EDTA. Case of 1000

Manufacturer: Greiner Bio One
Model: Capillary for EDTA
Product Code: 450434

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Block Scientific is a world wide laboratory equipment supplier based in New York. We offer Greiner Bio One MiniCollect® Capillary for EDTA Case of 1000 for simplified blood transfer from the puncture site to the MiniCollect tube. This user friendly safe sample blood collection system made of virtually unbreakable PET plastic including safety cap allows convenient and pain free capillary blood collection from infants, toddlers and geriatric patients.

Carrier tube facilitates bar code labeling, centrifugation and storage. The closure in the tube acts as a valve allowing appropriate capillary or funnel to be inserted without removing the cap. Interior wall of EDTA tubes are coated with anticoagulants either dipotassium K2EDTA or tripotassium K3EDTA. Safety6 lancets of various depths are available. The appropriate penetration depth is available depending on the volume of blood required.

Capillary Blood Collection System

– Specifications

  • Draw volume: 80 μl
  • Quantity pack: Rack 100/ Case 1000
  • Tube material: Polyethylene Therephthalate
  • CE mark: Yes

This MiniCollect tube binds calcium ions that blocks the coagulation cascade and are also used for testing parameters in hematology such as thrombocytes, haemoglobin, segmented neutrophile granulocytes, monocytes, lymphocytes and more.

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