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Greiner Bio-One is a world market leader in the field of biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, clinical diagnostics, and research. The company’s product range is comprehensive, including products for blood collection, urine collection and specimen collection. The specimen collection systems, blood collection systems and urine collection systems are sold in over 100 countries worldwide.

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A leading lab equipment supplier, Block Scientific is proud to be a Greiner distributor for the U.S. market. We offer a wide range of Greiner products such as blood collection sets, Vacuette blood collection tubes, urine cups, and more.

Greiner* Winged Safety Blood Collection Sets with Luer Adapter, 21Gx12 in. Case of 1000

21Gx12” Greiner* Winged Safety Blood Collection Sets with Luer Adapter provides a safe blood collection environment for both practitioner and the patient.


  • VACUETTE® Safety Blood Collection Set, 21G x 12″ Tubing, w/ Luer Adapter
  • Needle Size: 21G
  • Tubing Length: 12.0″
  • Needle Length: 3/4″
  • Luer: Center
  • Needle Protection: Activated as the Needle is Removed from Vein
  • Storage: 4 – 25°C
  • Guideline Compliance: OSHA.

Greiner VACUETTE® Urine Cup, Screw Cap w/ Resealable Port. 100 mL. Pack of 100

Greiner VACUETTE® Urine Cups offers improved safety for laboratory and hospital personnel.


  • Size: 100 ml
  • Beaker Material: Polyethylene Therephthalate
  • CE Mark: Yes

VACUETTE Blood Culture Holder

VACUETTE holders are designed for single use and comply with OSHA regulations. VACUETTE holders are compatible with VACUETTE Single and Multi-Sample Needles, Visio Plus Needles, VACUETTE Safety Blood Collection Sets and VACUETTE Luer Adapters.


  • Quantity: Box 40 / Case 320
  • CE Mark: Yes

VISIO PLUS Multi-sample Needle are ideal for routine blood collection procedure 21G x 1.0″ has a translucent plastic hub/view window that provides visual “flash” confirmation of successful venipuncture.


  • Needle Size: 21G
  • Needle Length: 1.0″
  • Quantity: Box 100 / Case 2000
  • Needle Protection: No
  • CE Mark: Yes

Our Product Range from Greiner Bio-One Includes But Are Not Limited to


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