Global Hematology Analyzer Market Growth Forecast – Block Scientific’s Mid-June Newsletter

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A recent research report from highlights the current and upcoming growth, trends and forecast for the Global Hematology Analyzer market from 2015 to 2022. Hematology analyzers are highly specialized instruments used to count the number of white blood cells, red blood cells, and platelets. As per the report, the key factors driving the growth of this market are the increasing prevalence of blood disorders and the rise in the geriatric population. The leading manufacturers of hematology analyzers as cited are Beckman Coulter Inc., Abbott Laboratories, Siemens, Sysmex Corporation, Mindray Medical International Ltd., Roche Diagnostics, Drucker Diagnostics, and others.


Block Scientific is a global clinical laboratory equipment dealer based in New York, offering a range of lab equipment including analyzers, reagents, and drug test cups. Serving the industry since 1980, Block Scientific has earned the trust of customers worldwide by providing high quality lab equipment and services at low cost.


Below are links to a selection of hematology analyzers that we distribute from Beckman Coulter, Abbott, and Drucker Diagnostics.


AcT Diff II

Beckman Coulter AcT Diff II is a hematology analyzer system for performing diagnostic testing in small laboratories, hospitals, and physician office labs. The instrument delivers fast and exceptional performance and provides testing for 16 parameters. By using this analyzer, you can even obtain small hematological sampling (18 µL) in both open and closed analysis modes.


– Closed vial sampling
– Automated quality assurance functions
– Compact bench top design
– User-definable high/low flagging of patient results


Available for Lease


$283.00/Month with Installation, Training, Delivery and $3,100.00 Reagent Credit


Abbott Cell Dyn 1800

Abbott Cell Dyn 1800 is an automated hematology analyzer, specially designed to meet the growing needs of today’s changing laboratory environment. This 3-part leukocyte differential analyzer offers an 18-parameter blood count and features an expanded data management system that can handle up to 10,000 samples.


– Simple operation
– Results are available within 60 seconds
– High resolution color LCD monitor with three histogram displays
– Uses impedance resistance to measure human cells

QBC STAR Dry Hematology Analyzer

The QBC STAR Dry Hematology Analyzer is a compact and easy-to-use complete blood count analyzer designed to bring CBCs to the point of care. The QBC STAR measures nine important CBC hematological parameters from venous or capillary blood samples: hematocrit, hemoglobin, MCHC (mean corpuscular hemoglobin concentration), platelet count, white blood cell count, granulocyte count and percentage, and lymphocyte/monocyte count and percentage.


– Easier to use and more environmentally friendly
– Portable and effective in many different testing environments
– 9 count CBC
– Ready for use wherever and whenever needed


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