Stanbio Excel Chemistry Analyzer

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Stanbio Excel Chemistry Analyzer

Manufacturer: Stanbio
Model: Excel Chemistry Analyzer
Product Code: G7700E-001

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Block Scientific is leading laboratory equipment supplier based in the United States. We offer the Excel chemistry Analyzer manufactured by Stanbio. This easy-to-use device features an 18-position incubator and keyboard system.

The Excel chemistry analyzer performs all essential calculations and displays patient results in a user-defined format. Printed results reduce the need for manual calculations and provide hard-copy patient records.

Calculation modes include single point calibration by standard or factor, uptake, multi-point calibration with point-to-point curve fit, rate by standard or factor (batch or single) and sample blanking. In order to minimize reagent consumption, test samples are read using a flow cell module.


  • Follows an open system format that accommodates 120 programs
  • Ability to handle endpoint, kinetic and EIA assays
  • Delivers hospital quality results through the use of a bichromatic optical system
  • Bichromatic optical system eliminates interferences caused by sample or cuvette quality
  • Test results within minutes
  • Includes incubator, keyboard, power adaptor, and operators manual
  • Easy to use device with instructions for each test displayed on screen Size – 1 each
  • Size – 1 Each

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