Electronic Single Channel Ovation Pipette, 0.5-20UL, Left Handed

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Electronic Single Channel Ovation Pipette, 0.5-20UL, Left Handed

Manufacturer: VistaLab Technologies
Model: Electronic Single Channel Ovation 0.5-20UL Left Handed
Product Code: 1065-0020L

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Block Scientific is a reliable online store for all your laboratory equipment requirements. Our inventory features different models of pipettes. We offer electronic single channel 0.5-20uL, left handed, which is suitable for automated liquid handling functions.

Ovation Pipette

– Perfect Choice to Perform Automated Liquid Handling Functions

The Electronic Single Channel Ovation Pipette models we offer from VistaLab Technologies are a perfect choice to carry out automated liquid handling functions. The fully electronic operation maximizes pipetting efficiency for many tasks such as multiple dispensing, pipetting, mixing, serial diluting, reverse pipetting, and automatic sequential dispensing. It features a one way disposable nozzle that prevents liquid from entering the body of the device. The ”Energy release” button stores the energy captured during the acquisition of tips and expends it with the gentle push of a button. The ”bio-natural” shape gives the user maximum stability. Adjustable hook can be easily positioned for a custom fit and reduced holding effort.


  • Unique, comfortable ergonomic design
  • Comprehensive liquid handling functions
  • Fast, convenient repetitive dispensing
  • No risk of contamination
  • Contoured plunger electronically activates pipetting activity
  • The highly precise motor drive makes repetitive pipetting effortless
  • Adjustable hook
  • Ovation’s Easy Pushbutton controls
  • Volume Range: 0.5-20µL
  • Tip Size: Micro
  • Dispensing Increments: 0.05µL


  • ±1.0% at 20µL
  • ±1.5% at 10µL
  • ±3.0% at 2µL


  • 0.30% at 20µL
  • 0.50% at 10µL
  • 1.8% at 2µL

Electronic single channel models require an ovation power supply unit to recharge the pipette’s battery. Place your orders for our Left Handed Electronic Single Channel Ovation Pipette, 0.5-20ul and other ovation electronic single channel pipette models conveniently at our online store. If you have any product queries, contact us at 631-589-1118 or at info@blockscientific.com.