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Electrolyte Reagents, Controls, Consumables

If you are running a hospital or clinic, you need reagents and consumables that ensure efficiency, accuracy, and overall great value for money. Block Scientific brings you reliable electrolyte reagents, controls, and consumables that ensure great value for money – all sourced from the industry’s leading manufacturers such as Medica, Phoenix Diagnostics, and Siemens.

Reagents, Controls, Consumables

for Use on Electrolyte Analyzers

We offer the following electrolyte reagents, controls, and consumables

  • Medica EasyElectrolytes Lithium Electrode
  • Medica EasyElectrolytes Troubleshooting Kit
  • Medica EasyElectrolytes EBG Pump Tubing
  • Bayer 614 Cal Pack
  • pH Fill Solution for Bayer 600 Series
  • K Electrode for Bayer 600 Series
  • Reagent Cal Pack for AVL 9130
  • Na+ Electrode for AVL 9100 Series

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Our friendly, personalized service is focused on customer needs. For more details regarding our electrolyte gas reagents, controls, and consumables, contact us at 631-589-1118 or send an email to info@blockscientific.com.

  • Hitachi Series
  • AVL 9100 Series
  • Bayer 600 Series