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Rhode Island based Elan Diagnostics is a leading manufacturer of instrumentation, reagents and support resources, and serves healthcare laboratories in the US. A leading lab equipment supplier, Block Scientific supplies quality refurbished Chemical Analyzers from Elan Diagnostics.

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Elan ATAC 8000 Chemistry Analyzer

Elan ATAC 8000 chemistry analyzer is designed for small clinical laboratories to handle multiple analytical tasks and being a bench-top model, it has the advantage of high throughput random access technology and can conduct about 40 analyses. With this laboratory equipment you can carry out tests on Albumin, GPT (ALT), Alkaline Phosphatase, Cholesterol, Calcium, Bilirubin (Direct and Total) and Glucose accurately and efficiently. This analyzer has the capability of performing 475 tests per hour and the equipment can be operated in three modes such as continuous random access, batch testing, and stat. The refrigerated reagent tray can store about forty ATAC-PAK reagents and has a maximum of 6000 test capacity.


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