Elan ATAC 8000

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Elan ATAC 8000

Manufacturer: Elan Diagnostics
Model: ATAC 8000
Product Code: ELAN-ATAC-8000

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Elan ATAC 8000 from Elan Diagnostics is a powerful and affordable chemistry analyzer designed for small clinical laboratories to handle multiple analytical tasks quickly. Block Scientific – a global provider of new and refurbished laboratory apparatus – is proud to announce the availability of Elan ATAC 8000.

Elan ATAC 8000 – Bench Top Analyzer

Elan ATAC 8000, a bench top model having the advantage of high throughput random access technology, can perform about 40 analyses. Tests on Albumin, GPT (ALT), Alkaline Phosphatase, Cholesterol, Calcium, Bilirubin (Direct and Total), Glucose, and more can be carried out efficiently and accurately in the Elan ATAC 8000. This analyzer, having a throughput capacity of 475 tests per hour, comes with a couple of capabilities including on-board 4-parameter, high capacity sample chamber, cuvette wash assembly, sample probe module, solid state ISE including CO2, complete date management system, automatic quality control data handling, and on-demand reporting.

More About ATAC 8000 Model

ATAC 8000 can operate in three modes such as continuous random access, batch testing, and stat. The refrigerated reagent tray has the ability to store about forty ATAC-PAK reagents and has a maximum of 6000 test capacity. This system allows for a walk away operation for 12 hours.

Feel free to explore our online store to find more information on Elan ATAC 8000 and other refurbished chemistry analyzers we stock. For questions or to place an order, you can contact us via e-mail at info@blockscientific.com or you can reach us via phone at 631-589-1118.