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Differential Counters

Block Scientific, a popular laboratory equipment supplier offers differential counters of 2-key, 5-key and 8-key models to meet different clinical laboratory requirements. We can help you choose the model that suits your requirements if you don’t already have any model in mind. We’ll offer the lab equipment at an unbeatable price too.

Unico Differential Counter

– Rust-proof

We provide differential counters from well-known brands such as Unico and LW Scientific. In addition to other impressive features, these counters are characterized by rust-proof and heavy duty plastic cases. Whether you are based in the U.S itself or anywhere else in the globe, we can ship your preferred model to you safely and promptly.

The models (all new models) we currently offer are:

  • Unico 2-key Differential Counter, L-BC3
  • Unico 5 Key Differential Counter, L-BC6
  • Unico 8-key Differential Counter, L-BC9
  • LW Scientific Differential Counter – 5 Key
  • LW Scientific Differential Counter – 8 Key
  • LW Scientific DIGITAL Differential Counter – 10 Key

Whichever model you choose, it comes to you with manufacturer’s warranty.

Contact Us

For more information about any of the models of differential counters available at our store, get in touch with us at 631-589-1118 or at info@blockscientific.com. You can order your preferred product online by visiting www.blockscientificstore.com.