Diazyme Total Bile Acids Assay Kit

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Diazyme Total Bile Acids Assay Kit

Manufacturer: Diazyme
Model: Diazyme Total Bile Acids Assay Kit
Product Code: DZ042A-K

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A leading New York based lab equipment supplier, Block Scientific offers a wide array of high quality instruments, chemistry reagents, controls, and consumables. We offer the Diazyme Total Bile Acids Assay Kit intended for the in vitro quantitative determination of total bile acids (TBA) in human serum. Determining total bile acids in human serum serves as a marker for normal and abnormal liver function.

Liquid Stable Total Bile Acids Assay

This two-reagent system with advanced enzyme cycling method is ready to use for both manual methods and is adaptable for many automated chemistry analyzers.
The assay has excellent precision with Intra-Assay Precision CV% of <4% and Inter-Assay Precision CV% of <3%. The reagents of the assay kit are in a stable liquid formulation which allows for ease of use and enhanced performance.

Technical Specifications

  • Packaging:
    • R1: 2 x 60 mL
    • R2: 2 x 20 mL
    • Cal: 1 x 2 mL vial
  • (Calibrator Included)
  • Method: Enzyme cycling
  • On-board stability: Four Weeks
  • Calibration interval: One Week
  • Sample type: Serum, Lithium Heparin Plasma
  • Sample volume: 4 μL
  • Assay range: 0 to 180 μM
  • Traceability: UV spectrophotometric assay to predicate device

Instrument specific packaging options include RocheTM Hitachi 917 series, Beckman AU (400/600/640/680), Beckman Synchron CX, and DXC.

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For more information about the Diazyme Total Bile Acids Assay Kit and other diazymes we offer, visit our online store. For purchase queries, call 631-589-1118 or send an email to info@blockscientific.com.