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diazyme glycated serum protein test kit

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diazyme glycated serum protein test kit
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clinical laboratories measure glycated serum proteins for diabetic monitoring and diagnosis. block scientific offers the diazyme glycated serum protein test kit, an improved enzymatic assay for the quantitative determination of glycated serum proteins (gsp) in serum.

this glycated test kit is meant only for in vitro diagnostic purposes and is complimentary to hba1c. studies suggest that measuring hba1c and gsp together offers improved diagnostic accuracy by more reliable predicting complications of diabetes including neuropathy and retinopathy.

in conjunction with the diazyme glycated serum protein single calibrator, this assay test kit is designed to monitor and assess short-term to medium-term average blood glucose levels.

dual vial glycated serum protein test kit

– advantages

  • improved specificity and reliability compared to conventional nbt-based methods
  • serves as an intermediate term indicator of average blood glucose
  • liquid stable with a wide variety of instrument parameters for most open clinical chemistry systems
  • provides rapid evaluation of effectiveness of diet, activity or medication adjustments


  • method / format: colorimetric, endpoint liquid stable
  • on-board stability: four weeks
  • dynamic range: 21.0 – 1354.0 μ mol/l
  • sample size: 10 μl

for more details about the diazyme glycated serum protein test kit and other diazymes we offer, visit our online store. we offer both hba1c and gsp test kits. for details, call 631-589-1118 or send an e-mail to