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diazyme cardiac troponin i assay

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diazyme cardiac troponin i assay
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block scientific offers a wide range of quality laboratory equipment and consumables for diverse diagnostic and research applications. the cardiac troponin i assay from the industry leader diazyme is intended for the quantitative determination of cardiac troponin i concentration in serum or plasma. it is a highly sensitive liquid stable latex enhanced immunoturbidimetric test kit meant for research use only in the usa.

cardiac troponin i assay test kit

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the reliable and cost-effective diazyme cardiac troponin i test kit (liquid stable), r1: 1 x 40 ml r2: 1 x 10 ml kit works on most open clinical chemistry analyzers.

  • convenient, fast, and accurate alternative to other more expensive methods that require a dedicated immunochemistry instrument
  • accurate results across the entirely clinical important reportable range up to 10.0 ng/ml troponin i with excellent precision 2.8% at (2.85 ng/ml)

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