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dca 2000 reagent kit for hba1c, clia waived, 10kit

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dca 2000 reagent kit for hba1c, clia waived, 10kit
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dca 2000 reagent kit for hba1c, clia waived, 10/kit available at block scientific. as industry leaders, block scientific works closely with manufacturers of scientific and laboratory equipment.

reagent kit for hba1c

– get results in 6 minutes

dca 2000 reagent kits are used on dca 2000 and dca vantage analyzer. this reagent kit tested for a correlation study shows 99% agreement with the hplc method. with the use of this reagent kit, you can get hba1c results in 6 minutes.


  • clia waived
  • only 1 µl of whole blood needed for hba1c testing
  • hba1c results in 6 minutes
  • reduces follow-up time
  • increases diabetes patient compliance
  • no sample or reagent preparation needed allowing for simple and efficient operation

hemoglobin a1c (hba1c) testing allows effective preventative treatment, and thus helps reduce the risk of retinopathy, nephropathy and neuropathy in patients with diabetes.

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