Dade Dimension Xpand w/HM

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Dade Dimension Xpand w/HM

Manufacturer: Dade
Model: Dade Dimension Xpand w/HM

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A leading laboratory equipment supplier in New York, we distribute new and refurbished laboratory products for scientific research centers and medical facilities worldwide. We offer the Dade Dimension Xpand w/HM. This refurbished chemistry analyzer combines comprehensive STAT, routine chemistry and immunoassay testing in a single and compact system.

This easy-to-operate chemistry analyzers deliver exceptional performance, providing accurate and timely results. The device presents a full range integrated capability in a small footprint. The compact system features strong assay menus like general chemistry, electrolytes, antimicrobials, diabetes management, enzymes, cardiac risk assessment, toxicology, drugs-of-abuse, therapeutic drug monitoring and more. The powerful piece of lab equipment provides complete disease state profiling on a single system with 90 critical methods. It offers true integration with simultaneous immunoassay and chemistry processing, one sample area, and common reagent area.

Dade Dimension Xpand w/HM

Chemistry Analyzer – Superior Features and Capabilities

  • Professional reagent system – with no reagent or sample preparation required and no instrument pause to load reagents
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Low calibration frequency
  • Extensive test menu
  • Easy to use software features
  • Decreased turnaround time
  • Compact yet powerful
  • Built-in automation with less user involvement
  • Reagents, controls, and consumables may be available
  • Service contracts may be available

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