Siemens Clinitek 500

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Siemens Clinitek 500

Manufacturer: Siemens (Bayer)
Model: Clinitek 500
Product Code: CLINITEK-500

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Clinitek 500 Urine Chemistry Analyzer (Bayer Clinitek 500) that we supply at Block Scientific is a urinalysis product from Siemens Medical Solutions Diagnostics. Bayer HealthCare AG, one of the world’s leading innovative companies in the health care and medical products industry, was acquired by Siemens. Clinitek 500 is a reliable system designed for the clinical urine tests carried out in healthcare centers, laboratories, and hospitals.

Clinitek 500 Urine Chemistry Analyzer: Added Capabilities and Features

Clinitek 500 Urine Chemistry Analyzer delivers exceptional performance, and no warm-up and calibration are required. This product comes with added capabilities and key features including immediate start-up mode, two sieve functions, flexible reporting options, nonpacing system, large display with touch-sensitive action, replaceable program card, and so on. It has an aggregate throughput of 7 seconds per sample and has a memory capacity of 200 control results for regulatory documentation and 500 patient results for convenient data retrieval. The handheld bar-code reader option helps to identify sample and color and clarity values effectively.

Siemens Clinitek 500 uses Multistix 10 SG Reagent Strips for urinalysis and performs accurate test results for multiple chemistries such as glucose, ketone, bilirubin, occult blood, urobilinogen, protein, leukocyte, nitrite, pH, and blood.

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