Clay Adams Serofuge II Cell Washer

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Clay Adams Serofuge II Cell Washer

Manufacturer: Clay Adams
Model: Serofuge II

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Clay Adams Serofuge II – Dual Speed Cell Washer

Clay Adams Serofuge II, a dual speed cell washer, is a perfect choice for performing blood grouping, blood typing, and cross matching. It is also adapted for performing Coombs test and other cell washing procedures.

The rotors in this device can be detached, and efficiently function as holders in which test tubes can be filled, centrifuged, transported, incubated, and emptied without the necessity for individual handling.

A Range of Powerful Features

The specific features of BD/Clay Adams Serofuge II are, operation at 3400rpm/1000xG and 2400rpm/500xG for delicate centrifugation of weak agglutination reactions, well suited to perform serum and red cell separations in original blood collection tubes, and elimination of the need of transferring samples.

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