Clay Adams Serofuge 2002 Centrifuge

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Clay Adams Serofuge 2002 Centrifuge

Manufacturer: Clay Adams
Model: Serofuge 2002
Product Code: CLAY-ADAMS-SEROFUGE-2002

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Clay Adams Serofuge 2002 is a versatile system that has proven to be very useful for conducting blood grouping, cross matching, typing, and other cell washing procedures. Clay Adams is now part of BD Diagnostic Systems and Block Scientific – a premier company specialized in the sale of new and refurbished laboratory equipment – is now offering centrifugal systems designed specifically for laboratory use in hematology applications.

Clay Adams Serofuge 2002

with Superior Features

Clay Adams Serofuge 2002 offers the highest level of performance with its superior features that include locking lid, digital controls and displays, gasket seal, and dual speed operation, (2400rpm/500xG or 3400rpm/1049xG). An unbreakable 12 place plastic rotor for 12 x 75mm tubes is also available within. The centrifuge also includes a plastic rotor, having a capacity for accommodating blood tubes up to 12.7 dia. X 75mm long.

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Block Scientific can offer you the Clay Adams Serofuge 2002 which is indispensable in the modern laboratory. For clearing your doubts regarding Clay Adams Serofuge 2002 and other refurbished centrifuges we supply, you can contact our representatives by e-mailing a message to or calling on the number 631-589-1118.