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clay adams serofuge 2001 cell washer

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clay adams serofuge 2001 cell washer
  1. clay adams (bd diagnostic systems)
  2. serofuge 2001
  3. clay-adams-serofuge-2001

block scientific is a well recognized company in the us, specialized in offering quality lab equipment for sale. at our facility, you can find a great stock of new and refurbished equipment and supplies for your laboratory applications.

bd/clay adams serofuge 2001 cell washer

clay adams serofuge 2001 is a cell washer used for blood grouping, blood typing, cross matching, and other cell washing procedures. this cell washer that unites contemporary design with highly functional performance, comes with a plastic rotor to accept 12.7 dia. x 75mm long blood tubes.

the window in the lid allows monitoring speed with the on-board tachometer. other outstanding features of bd/clay adams serofuge 2001 are controlled braking, control panel with advance key pad, recall previous run parameters, locking lid, and fixed speed of 3400 rpm/ 1049g.

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