Clay Adams Readacrit Centrifuge

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Clay Adams Readacrit Centrifuge

Manufacturer: Unico
Model: Readacrit

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Readacrit, developed by Clay Adams (now part of BD Diagnostic Systems) is one of the products in our refurbished centrifuge category. An exclusive product line of Clay Adams centrifugal systems is now offered at Block Scientific. Over the years, we have earned a solid reputation as the nation’s premier supplier of new and refurbished medical equipment.

Clay Adams Readacrit Fixed Speed Centrifuge

Clay Adams Readacrit is an excellent and reliable choice for veterinary clinics and small laboratories. This device details outstanding features such as adjustable timer, built-in scales, built-in reader, capacity for six 75 mm micro-hematocrit capillary tubes and two 4 ml SEDI-CAL™ urine centrifuge tubes, automatic braking system, plastic cover with safety lock, and so on. They are extremely easy to operate and also feature whisper-quiet operation. This centrifuge from Clay Adams has a fixed speed approximately 7200 RPM (4750 RCF). The use of the magnifier facilitates accurate readings.

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