Clay Adams Dynac II Centrifuge

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Clay Adams Dynac II Centrifuge

Manufacturer: Clay Adams (BD Diagnostic Systems)
Model: Dynac II

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Dynac II, a compact and reliable centrifuge, is used for conducting hematology applications with precision. The manufacturer of this general purpose equipment is Clay Adams, which is now a subsidiary of BD Diagnostic Systems. If you are in search of this compact and highly versatile equipment, then Block Scientific is the place to purchase it from. Here at Block Scientific, we carry a range of new and refurbished laboratory equipment from different manufacturers.

Clay Adams Dynac II

with Convenient Features

Clay Adams Dynac II delivers better performance by combining a number of convenient features in such a compact unit. Features covered in the equipment are transistorized electronic control, four horizontal and four angle rotors, 24-place rotor, a wide variety of shields and tubes, electric brake, automatic 30-minute timer with hold position, durable cover and safety latch. It has a maximum speed of 3200 rpm and can accept 8 interchangeable accessory heads. The equipment produces low noise and is extremely easy to operate.

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You will get information about Clay Adams Dynac II Centrifuge and other refurbished centrifuges we provide on our online store. To clear your doubts regarding Clay Adams Dynac II, contact us via phone: 631-589-1118, e-mail: or fax: 631-589-4088.