Clay Adams Dynac Centrifuge

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Clay Adams Dynac Centrifuge

Manufacturer: Clay Adams (BD Diagnostic Systems)
Model: Dynac

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If you are looking for a general-purpose centrifuge that is easy to use, reliable, efficient, versatile and suitable for tabletop use, then Clay Adams Dynac is the clear choice. Now, Clay Adams – the original manufacturer of Dynac has become part of BD Diagnostic Systems. At Block Scientific, we supply a range of new and refurbished Clay Adams brand centrifuges. In addition, we also offer an expanded range of laboratory equipment in new and used forms from all leading manufacturers.

Clay Adams Dynac

with Powerful Features

Clay Adams Dynac is an instrument that combines powerful features with unrivalled flexibility. The features included in the equipment are electronic speed control, electric brake, automatic 30-minute timer with hold position, a wide variety of shields and tubes, four horizontal and four angle rotors, transparent cover and lubricated ball-bearing motor. The device has a speed selection of 500 to 3600rpm/2224g and features ultra quiet operation. This instrument can be sufficiently adapted and used with Hemogard closure tubes.

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