Stanbio CK-MB Test (Creatine Kinase-MB), 9 x 3.5 mL

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Stanbio CK-MB Test (Creatine Kinase-MB), 9 x 3.5 mL

Manufacturer: Stanbio
Model: CK-MB Test (Creatine Kinase-MB)
Product Code: 0980-103

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Block Scientific, an established lab equipment supplier based in Bellport, New York, provides quality consumables from Stanbio. We offer the CK-MB Test (Creatine Kinase-MB), 9 x 3.5 mL, which is designed for maximum stability and ease-of-use and is optimized for today’s chemistry analyzers.


CK-MB Test (Creatine Kinase-MB)


  • Immunoinhibition Methodology
  • Reconstituted reagent stable up to 5 days @ 2–8°C
  • Linear to 175 U/L
  • Read @ 340 nm


  • R: 9 x 3.5 mL

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