Awareness Technology Chromate Microplate Reader

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Awareness Technology Chromate Microplate Reader

Manufacturer: Awareness Technology, Inc
Model: Chromate Microplate Reader
Product Code: CHROMATE-4300

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Block Scientific offers a wide array of laboratory equipment for clinical, research and scientific applications. As a global lab equipment supplier based in New York, we offer lab instruments, accessories and reagents by top manufacturers. Our inventory includes the high quality Chromate Microplate Reader by Awareness Technology.

Chromate Multichannel Microplate Reader

: Remarkable Features

  • Compact and economical 8-channel microplate reader
  • Streamlined design with minimal footprint and superb optics to fit any size lab bench
  • Combined with your PC, Chromate Microplate Reader provide full access to high level software, reporting, curve fitting, and data storage to meet the requirements of modern laboratories
  • Allows the user to choose plate layout options, and customize layouts for individual tests or panels/screens
  • Provides a patient database with multiple reporting options
  • Reads absorbances of 96 wells in about 12 seconds
  • Long-life IAD filters
  • NRTL and CE mark

Chromate Software Features

  • Versatile and flexible software featuring critical QC tracking
  • Provides a patient database with multiple reporting options
  • Includes cutoff, cutoff control, and cutoff calibrator
  • Point-to-point curve fit, multipoint % absorbance, linear regressions
  • Polynomial and sigmoidal regressions
  • Individual selections for both calibrators and controls, absorbance or concentration, for mean, SD, CV, plus Levey-Jennings plots, and more

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